• 5 Way Suspension Frame

    Suspension frames are normally made to order – they can be built to suit virtually any size room. The frame has a central lifting point and four additional lifting points (two on each side rail) all fitted with rings. This
  • Erotic Sheds

    The Shed is a standard pent shed 15ft wide x10ft deep (Other sizes available). Fully framed door and key lock fitted. A great looking shed to the neighbours. The inside can be fitted with your choice of fittings, maybe a
  • Flogging / Spanking Bench

    Flogging / Spanking BenchA handy stool – perfect for starting off your dungeon! The padded top is available in an attractive red or black covering. Your partner can face in or out with their arms are tied to the four rings fitted on
  • St Andrew’s Cross

    This St Andrews Cross is designed to be fixed to the wall. It comes with all necessary hardware. It has 8 x D rings, one on each corner and one on each side of top and bottom cross beams for
  • Suspension Frame

    This frame can be fitted against a wall, or stood in the middle of a room. It’s designed to leave the sub totally exposed for a really good flogging – there really is no hiding anything with this frame! Hand